How Competitive is seo in 2016


Online business has grown very competitive recently. As such, it behooves every online entrepreneur to be fully cognizant of the different tricks to boost your online presence. Whereas many are still whining that competition has become too stiff, those that have mastered the art of online business are laughing all the way to the bank. As such, this piece explores a few tips to boost your internet presence.


To begin with, it is advised that you post powerful content. To ensure that your content is competitive enough, you have to have written in the best language possible. Unless your language is superbly woven you won’t keep your readers interested. The content should not only be of superior quality must also be updated from time to time. It has to be up to the date in order to attract new interested readers every single day.


Brevity is very crucial as you post your content online. The purpose as to why you are putting your content on the net is to rank high in the search engines, not to occupy so many pages such that your readers cannot remember what they started reading as they finish reading. Be precise and straight to the point. Where possible, try to use bullet points or numbered lists to communicate your ideas. For special effects, you may use special features such color, bold, italics, among others for the purposes of highlighting the most important points.


Every piece of writing that is written for SEO purposes must make us of key phrases. These should be the refrain for the content you are writing. Make sure that these are repeated as much as possible throughout your writing. You must however ensure that such key phrases are used in a natural and free flowing way. Avoid key phrases that appear to be forced for the sake of SEO. The reading must sound natural and written for the express purpose of human consumption. You should use related words and phrases to break monotony of having the same words over and over again.


Key density should also be kept in mind. Just like key phrases, you must make sure that the key word is used in a free flowing natural way. Where possible, you may use related words to avoid using the key word too many times. You should not worry if you cannot find an easy replacement of the key word. Just use it a couple of times as long as it sounds naturally used. Since many of these words have been used competitively, you may choose to use other similar key words that do not have much competition online. This is a subtle way of remaining top on the search engines. However, be careful not to lose the thematic content of your post.


Finally, you should include enough links in your text that interested readers or customers can click to be taken to points of sale. Once you have put your links, use special characters such as italics and bright colors to make them easy for your customers to identify.


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